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One important element of our three-part mission is our contribution to the advancement of knowledge in child development and learning, curriculum, teaching and more.

All research projects are reviewed and approved by the UD Institutional Review Board to assure compliance with federal requirements for the protection of all participants in research studies. Protections include assurances of no harm and of anonymity.

In addition, all research projects must be approved by the Lab School Director and Master Teachers to assure that research activities will not disrupt or otherwise diminish a child’s experience in our school.

Before each study, researchers must obtain written informed consent for each participating child. Families decide if they would like their child(ren) to participate. No child or family is ever required to participate. 

Research projects may involve interviewing, observing, testing, videotaping families and children, asking parents or teachers to fill out a questionnaire. In some cases, research activities may take place in the homes if families agree.

Children are always thoughtfully introduced to the researcher prior to each investigation, and children’s responses are honored and respected.