Tuesday & Thursday 8:45am – 11:45am  

Our program for 2-year-olds provides a rich variety of experiences for the children in an environment that supports all areas of development.  Toddlers love to do things for themselves, so we provide a physical environment that allows them to practice self-help skills safely – materials are at their level and in manageable sizes for little hands. Because twos learn a great deal through sensory exploration, we provide many opportunities to muddle in water, sand, play dough, glue, paint and more.  And,because sharing is a difficult concept for toddlers, teachers model cooperation and sharing and positively reinforce children when sharing occurs naturally.

Meet the Master Teacher: Debbie Torbert

Debbie is the Master Teacher of the 2’s class and the 3’s class.  She has worked with children for forty-one years. She attended the University of Delaware, and graduated with a B.S. in Early Childhood Education with certification in Preschool/Kindergarten and an M.A. in Liberal Studies.  She also holds an Early Childhood Administrator Credential with Administration and School Age Specialized Training Credentials, from the Delaware Department of Education