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Laboratory Preschool

PM Preschool- 3’s & 4’s 2016-2017

Our afternoon preschool program for 3 and 4 year olds meets Monday – Thursday, 12:30-3:30pm.

The program provides a balanced preschool curriculum with an emphasis on early childhood STEAM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts/Music, and Mathematics). The program includes whole group activities as well as small group and individual centers and activities. We also have snack together, time to play outside, and a read aloud story time each day.

Our tentative schedule is below:

12:30-12:45  Arrival – Manipulatives – Table Activities

12:45-1:15     Afternoon Meeting

1:15-2:10       Learning Centers (including dramatic play, blocks, art, sensory activities, math,                                        science, technology, puzzles & manipulatives)

2:10-2:30      Snack

2:30-3:00     Independent Reading & Read Aloud

3:00-3:30     Outside Play – Gross Motor & Nature Exploration


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