The Lab School is excited to invite teachers, administrators, and others to attend workshops developed and taught by our Master Teachers. Below are the offerings for summer 2019 and registration information. You don’t want to miss out on these incredible opportunities! 



Nature Play – Beyond the Playground Fence    

Master Teacher Katie Pollock

The UD Lab School serves University students, faculty, families, and young children. Come find out how we are now embracing nature play and all that it has to offer. Participants will observe one program’s use of wild spaces to stretch children in all areas of development. Through a guided tour of multiple outdoor-learning environments, attendees will see firsthand the learning that can occur both inside a playground fence and beyond it. Participants will discover the benefits of nature play. Current research says that given today’s increased screen time by children and their families, there is a need now more than ever to push beyond the playground fence to connect children with nature.

June 18th 9am-3pm; please bring lunch and be dressed for the outdoors (including boots!)


Forest Literacy – Listening, Looking & Learning in Nature 

Master Teachers Katie Pollock & Monica Shire

People often wonder how a Nature Preschool program could build future readers. Rich conversations that involve intent listening and sharing between children and teachers lay a foundation for all future literacy development. Participants will observe how this takes place during our daily routine. Multiple examples of literacy-rich experiences; the opportunities for vocabulary enrichment; and how we at the UD Lab School have been meeting Teaching Strategies Gold Indicators in the woods will also be addressed. By empowering the whole child, we are more successful than ever at gaining the children’s interest and, in turn, their desire to become literate. Participants will see a variety of materials that can be used to bring the outdoors in as well.

July 10th 9am-3pm; please bring lunch and be dressed for the outdoors (including boots!)


The Three C’s of Outdoor Education –                                   Building Confidence, Collaboration, and Character 

Master Teachers Monica Shire & Katie Pollock

When teachers incorporate outdoor learning into their day, something amazing happens. Children (and teachers) grow in confidence in their capabilities. Many teachers are hesitant to incorporate outdoor learning because of a lack of understanding or education about the environment as a third teacher. Play — specifically, unstructured play — is paramount for a child’s healthy brain and social/emotional development. Children learn to collaborate when outdoors, whether they’re building a worm house, constructing a teepee, or carrying a log. True character is formed when children navigate outdoor environments. Participants will learn how to incorporate outdoor learning into their everyday plans and how to use the environment to support their teaching.

July 23rd 9am-3pm; please bring lunch and be dressed for the outdoors (including boots!)





To register, please complete the form below. Payment must be received at the time of registration. Click here to pay online or you may drop off a check at the school’s front desk made payable to the UD Lab School.