Families are viewed as essential partners in the UD Laboratory Preschool program.

The partnership between your family and the staff will help to create the best possible experience for your child. You are invited to engage in ongoing communication with staff, to observe your child in action from the observation booths, to share your unique talents and experience and, to become an active member in our Laboratory Preschool Family Partners group.

Observation booths

Observation booths are located outside of each classroom.  Parents and other adult family members are always welcome to use these observation booths during school hours without an appointment. Please sign in on the booth door prior to observing. From time to time, the booths may be reserved specifically for larger groups of student observers. In these cases, we will post a sign on the observation booth door.


Communication between teachers, staff, and family members is critical.

Laboratory Preschool staff members are prepared to work with families to communicate in their preferred language or through translation. If at any time a family member feels that a situation calls for conflict resolution, they are encouraged to bring this to the attention of the Master Teacher.  If the situation is not resolved, they are encouraged to include the Director and Administrative Coordinator in the conversation.

Since family changes can affect children, please share with the teacher any situation which might affect your child – such as death or illness of a close relative or friend, moving, parents traveling for an extended length of time, separation of parents, or other significant events which might affect your child. Likewise, teachers will share with you school events which might affect your child.

Family/Teacher Conferences will allow you to talk privately and in depth with your child’s teacher about your child’s progress at school as well as any concerns you may have. Conferences are scheduled two times each year but family members are welcome to request a conference at any time.  Children are generally not included in conferences.

Sharing Skills

harp player

Families are encouraged to share special skills or interests with the children in the Laboratory Preschool. In the past, family members have played an instrument for and with the children, demonstrated a craft, brought in an unusual pet, taught a song in another language, cooked a recipe, and provided dramatic play props and other materials from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Please talk with your child’s teacher about how you would like to share your talents and interests.

Family Partners

Family members are encouraged to participate in the Laboratory Preschool Family Partners group by attending meetings and programs or serving on a committee depending on their interests and skills. Committees may change from year to year depending on the needs of the school and family members’ strengths and interests. Meeting times and involvement opportunities will be posted at the Laboratory Preschool and also through email.

Family events

Periodically, the Laboratory Preschool staff and/or Family Partners group will offer parent meetings on topics of interest as well as fun family events. These are great opportunities to meet other parents and develop supportive relationships with adults who share the common experience of parenting a young child.