The Lab School invites children ages 3 through 8 to join us this summer to build, experiment, explore and learn while playing with friends indoors and out.


Critter Creature Camp (Ages 4-6)      

Led by Master Teacher Monica Shire

Do you love bugs and anything that creeps, crawls and hops? We do! Use your five senses to explore the habitats of worms, bugs, frogs and more! With their trusty explorer’s boxes, campers will examine critters of the great outdoors. From the forest to the creek to the meadow, we will study creatures of all kinds. We will even build worm and ant farms! We will read books about critters, observe and take data and learn from real “bug doctors”. Get ready to be a zoology explorer!

June 18- July 20 (closed for the week of July 2), Monday to Friday, 9am-12pm, Cost: $600


Nature Explorers Camp (Ages 30 months – 3 yrs.)

Led by Master Teacher Debbie Torbert

What can children learn by splashing in puddles? In rolling down hills? Watching the movement of clouds and tall trees while lying on their backs? Adventures in our meadow, trails, woods, and hills provide opportunities to learn to observe nature up close, wonder, question, imagine, create and build their knowledge of nature. Nature Explorers Camp offers children a world of opportunities to develop a sense of wonder and become explorers and stewards of the natural world.

June 18- July 20 (closed for the week of July 2), Monday to Friday, 9am-12pm, Cost: $600


I Can Be Mindful 2018 Camps (Ages 3-5 & 6-8)

Led by Master Teacher Laura Morris

The I Can Be Mindful 2018 Camps will bring together the art of storytelling with the learning of mindfulness concepts and techniques. The stories we tell about ourselves, about our world and about each other create a sense of belonging and interconnectedness. Mindfulness brings awareness to our thoughts, emotions, and body sensations as they relate to what we are experiencing in the moment. Storytelling and mindfulness work together to support self-awareness, communication skills, and compassion.

June 18- July 20 (closed on the week of July 2), Monday to Thursday – 9:00 to 3:00; Friday- 9:00 to 12:00, Cost: $825


To register, complete the form below (one per child) and submit a $150 deposit (per camp). We accept checks payable to the UD Lab School. You may hand deliver the deposit or you may click here to pay online. The remaining tuition is due on or before the first day of camp. 

 Camp paperwork is due on or before May 1. Click here to access paperwork.